Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sacked Gambian police chief in fresh trouble

The troubles of former Inspector General of Gambian police, Ensa Badjie, aka Jesus, appear far from over after his sudden dismissal last Tuesday, latest information surrounding his alleged detention indicates.
According to competent sources close to the investigation team tasked with looking into Jesus’ past questioning activities, the former police chief is believed to have been involved with some notorious drug dealers around the country. He is being investigated for allegedly providing cover-up for some of these drug dealers whose sphere of influence were no-go areas for anti-narcotic agents. The investigations in to Jesus’ activities, according to our source, are expected to link a lot of people in and out of the country whom he is believed to have been involved with in trading in both marijuana and hard drugs.
Jollof News contacted the Public Relations Officer of the Gambian police, ASP Sulayman Secka, for verification of the matter. But he wouldn’t go beyond confirming the dismissal of the former police chief.
High ranking Gambian police officers are no strangers to allegations of abuse of office and other malpractices. Ensa Badjie, who, according to sources, has once been praised by President Yahya Jammeh as ‘‘the best Gambian IGP’’, has since before his appointment to the top of the Gambian police been linked to drug dealing, dating back to his days as a junior police officer at the drug squad. Sources believe Badjie might face drug related charges, even if not for his alleged involvement in the illegal practice, but to authenticate his up to now unexplained dismissal.
There has been skepticism as to the way the authorities deal with arrest of senior officials. Observers say constant failure by the government to issue charges against detained sacked officials suggests that their sacking were hardly influenced by genuine reason.
Detention of dismissed officials
Meanwhile, Jollof News has gathered that all five security officers who were dismissed alongside the former IGP -Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana, Colonel Ma Matar Secka, Major Kuluteh Manneh, Lt. Famara Jassey and Lt. colonel Abdoulie Jatta - are currently being detained at Mile 2 prisons. There has been no reason for their unannounced detention.
Sarjo Fofana, former Navy chief, was reportedly escorted to his compound on Wednesday afternoon, under heavy armed escort. His house was reportedly ransacked by the accompanying security personnel. It is however not clear as to what they were looking for.
Concerns have already been raised as regard the constitutionality of the continued detention of the men without charges. Gambian constitution allows for detention of individuals for a period of up to seventy-two (72) hours, within which accused must be brought before court or released. The Gambia has dozens of detainees who have never seen the inside of a courtroom. Many of these have never even been officially acknowledged as detained by the Gambian authorities. Source:

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