Saturday, 19 September 2009

Human Right Journalists On Missing Colleague

The executive committee of the Network of Human Rights Journalists (NHRJ) The Gambia is once again renewing their call for the immediate release of missing journalist Chief Ebrima B. Manneh, a Senior Journalist and Columnist of the Daily Observer Newspaper, who went missing since July, 2006, after leaving his home for work. He was said to have been picked up at his office by plain clothed security agents. Since then his whereabouts are yet unknown.
Journalist Manneh’s whereabouts have not been known publicly for three (3) years now, despite vigorous search by his family members and colleagues but to no avail. Through out the searching, no positive results have emerged from his employer, the state security units or any other concerned party. The NHRJ is disheartened that for three years now their colleague could not be traced. The NHRJ is seriously concerned with the plight of their colleague and is therefore calling on all the security apparatus of the country and patriotic citizens to help and put in their inputs to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.
The NHRJ deems that it is the responsibility of the Gambia government and is duty bound to protect and ensure the security of each and every human being and their properties within the country. The NHRJ calls on the Gambia government to play a leading role and investigate the case of Ebrima Manneh and to bring those responsible to book according to the law.
The NHRJ is further calling on the general public to come up with any explanation or information on the whereabouts of journalist Ebrima Manneh. “This is a serious concern and we call on all the stakeholders to play an active role to secure the release of Chief Manneh. We wish to thank all those who in one way or the other are doing something to secure the release of journalist Chief Ebrima B. Manneh,” said NHRJ executives.
It could be recalled that on July 17th 2007, the NHRJ has organized a symposium to advocate for the release of Chief Manneh, but up to date no positive reaction has been fort coming on the matter.

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