Friday, 25 September 2009

"Enough is enough", Gambian president tells UN General Assembly

The Gambian president Yahya Jammeh has told the UN General Assembly that Africa has suffered centuries of racism, exploitation, unfair trade and marginalization from the West, and that "enough is enough".
The Gambian leader, who addressed the 64th UN General Assembly on Thursday in New York, said the new generation of African leaders will end the suffering and humiliation of Africa and its people by all means necessary.
"We have been forced to endure this for far too long and now we are going to put an end to it as we have ended Apartheid in South Africa; by force if need be. We will defend our humanity, our dignity, our resources, our interest and our culture from now on", president Jammeh threatened.
The developed world, he said, was built on sweat, blood, tears and resources of Africa.
The Gambian leader also expressed his indignation about such labels as dictator, corrupt leaders, failed states and rogue states, that have now become synonymous with African leaders.
President Jammeh also talked about the issue of Palestine and Israel, Taiwan's bid to be represented at the UN, the reform of the Security Council to include at least two permanent members from Africa.
The five page speech by president Yahya Jammeh failed to mention the lingering human rights abuses in the Gambia, democracy, rule of law, press freedom and the brutal massacre of nearly 55 migrants in his country, or the looming political crisis in his own country, the neighboring Guinea Conakry and Guinea-Bissau.
He made no reference to the increasing drug trade between Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia and South American drug barons, who continue to use West African as transit points to ship cocaine and other deadly drugs to Europe.
The Gambian leader also failed to bring before the UN General Assembly, the inhumane treatment of Gambian migrants in Spain, Italy and other European countries.
Please read the full text of president Jammeh's speech here

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