Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sports fraternity mute over Lang’s ordeal

Like the rest of the country, the sports fraternity either as members of the National Olympic family and the Gambia Football Association, remain mute and resigned to the waiting game as the only response to the current fate of the GFA Number 2 and GNOC President Lang Tombong Tamba.
For well over a week now, news reports circulating from Banjul and other media sources abroad, suggested that Tamba, a former army chief has been arrested and so far since there has been no official statement on the matter, no one seem to know why. However www.Gamsports .com over the weekend attempted to get reactions from both the GFA and the GNOC, or their constituent clubs and affiliated sports bodies respectively but our efforts met a dead end as we discovered that no official, or fan wants to talk about the incident involving the former Gambian General. One soccer analyst who preferred to be anonymous told Gamsports-Online that Tamba's current ordeal has nothing to do with sports. ‘’I think the best thing for us sports people is to keep a low profile in our views and wait and pray for Tamba because you may never know what can happen or what to say that might cause more damage."
He further went on; "GNOC and GFA are still functioning well because according to their constitutions, anyone who is not in attendance can be replaced by another in the organisation so that the overall functions of the body remains intact’’.
So I see no reason why anyone should worry though we are very sad and concern but this country has become such a place that people live in perpetual fear and if you are waiting for the sports community or the public to say something on the Tamba’s matter, then forget it, concluded our anonymous interviewee. Source:

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