Saturday, 28 November 2009

President Jammeh Talks on the Family and Greed

In his traditional address to the nation on the occasion of the Muslim feast of Tobaski or Banna Salo, President Jammeh has said that the family in The Gambia has “degenerated seriously” and that on such an occasion Gambians should find time to think about how to restore it. President Jammeh also had another volley of diatribes against businessmen for engaging “in greedy profiteering” during Muslim feasts even though most of them call themselves Muslims. Appearing on shots played by state media on the evening of Friday, President Jammeh appeared tense and unsteady as he read from a script. This says an observer, may be because he has been warned to strictly read from the text and avoid words that may invite further trouble. Mr. Jammeh is known to be loose cannon that can throw out regrettable words that are likely to attract international criticism. It was in a previous Muslim feast, two months ago that Jammeh threatened to kill human rights defenders who try to “destabilize” his country.

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